Many people will get over it pretty quickly when their team loses a cricket match, because to them it is just a game. However, for us Indians, it can take many days before we get over a loss as cricket. It is like a religion to us. Nothing can get us as emotional and tense like as much as game of cricket does, especially if we have bet on it too! Read on to find out more about the best cricket betting sites available in India.

What Different Markets Will You Find at Cricket Betting Sites?

In our opinion, what makes cricket more fun to bet on than any other sport are the many different markets that you can try your luck with. In fact, cricket betting sites such as Betiton take many pains in order to provide their players with as many markets as possible. This is done in order to provide plenty of variety for cricket bettors to enjoy.

To add to this, there are so many different cricket events happening all over the world throughout the year, meaning that you will always be able to find some type of cricket match to bet on.

For example, the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Big Bash, and the Vitality Blast are some great limited overs tournaments that take place every year and are eagerly anticipated. Then, of course, there is the ICC Cricket World Cup that takes place every four years (the 2019 World Cup was won by England), and the T20 World Cup that is sporadic. These are two of the most eagerly anticipated events in world cricket.

Thanks to the introduction of the ICC World Test Championship, test cricket matches are now more entertaining as a series that does not feature your own team could have an impact on your team’s standings in the table. So, this will hopefully help test cricket to regain some of its popularity.

The most popular bet for cricket lovers is to try and predict which team will win the match. In limited overs cricket, you will not often find odds for stalemates as they just don’t happen that often. However, for test cricket, you will be able to find odds for a draw because they happen a lot more frequently.

If you happen to be feeling risky, you can try and predict which player will score the most runs in the game or which player will take the most wickets. This is a tricky market to get right, but you will be rewarded handsomely should you get it correct. You can use your cricket knowledge to improve your chances of winning here. The more you know about all the players and their current form, the better your chances will be of winning.

When it comes to cricket betting in New Zealand for example, enthusiasts often revel in attempting to predict various sought-after outcomes, including selecting the Man of the Match, foreseeing the team that will triumph in the coin toss, estimating which team will yield the highest number of boundaries, speculating on the method by which a batsman might lose their wicket, and wagering on whether a batsman will attain a half-century or a century.  

Believe it or not, but there are actually many other markets available for cricket fans to bet on.

Cricket Betting Tips That You Should Always Keep in Mind

You need skill and a bit of luck to win a cricket bet, but you can increase your chances further by always remembering the following great tips.

The Weather Forecast is Your Friend

Sports fans will say that all outdoor sports are affected by the weather, but it is safe to say that cricket is the most affected. For example, grey and overcast conditions during a football match are not going to have an influence on how the ball reacts off the pitch, but it does in cricket. In these types of conditions, batting becomes more difficult as the bowlers are able to extract extra seam and swing movement from the pitch. On the other hand, when the sun comes out to play, the extravagant movement will disappear, and batting will become much easier.

Cricket fans will be more than aware that cricket is not played in the rain. Non-cricket fans think this is stupid, but it makes perfect sense really. When the ball gets wet it becomes like a bar of soap, meaning it is hard for the bowlers to grip it. Not only does this make it unfair for the bowling side, but it also makes it dangerous for the batting team. Also, once the wicket soaks up too much water, it will be impossible to play cricket on it as the ball will just plug in it.

So, before you finalise your bet, take a couple of minutes to read an online weather forecast or two as this will give you a clear idea as to whether you should bet on a particular match.

Analyse the Pitch to the Best of Your Ability

The pitch has a huge impact on how the events of the match will unfold. Okay, footballers in top teams can struggle when they go to smaller clubs to play a match because the field is more like a potato field, than the luscious green pitches that they are used to playing on. However, this would only happen once or twice in a season during the cup competitions. In cricket, the pitch plays a huge role in every single match. This is what you should know:

If a pitch has a layer of green grass, the fast bowlers will find a lot of assistance, meaning the side batting first will find the going tough. When the pitch is like this, the team that wins the toss won’t hesitate about choosing to bowl first.

If the pitch has no grass and looks somewhat yellowish, it will usually be a fun pitch for batsmen. When the pitch looks like this, the captain that wins the toss will put his team into bat first in the hope that they can rack up a huge first innings total to put pressure on their opponents.

If a pitch is dry and cracked, it is one that the spin bowlers will love having a bowl on. The cracks will only get bigger as the match progresses, which means that the team batting last with have the most difficult conditions to bat in.

Before you finalise your bet, you need to find out as much about the pitch as you can so that you can get a better understanding about how events will unfold.

What Are the Best Betting Sites for Indians?

Gambling is actually illegal in India, but us Indians are still able to bet online as often as we like thanks to a number of fantastic cricket betting sites that have no problem with allowing Indians to place bets with them.

When you are making your final decision about which cricket betting site to create an account with, there are some important things that you should always remember to keep an eye out for. This is even more imperative if you're going to join a new betting site, as new online gambling websites can very well be scams in disguise.

Great security: You need to check that the cricket betting site that you are thinking about creating an account is safe. You can keep your rupees safe online if the betting site has an SSL certificate. Why? Well this certificate is proof that they are using strong encryption technology to ensure that all of their customers’ data is kept out of the hands of third parties. If a cricket betting site does not offer proof that they have an SSL certificate, deposit your money elsewhere.

The Signing Up Process is Easy: It should take you no more than 5-10 minutes to sign up with a good cricket betting site. If it takes longer than this because they are asking for a lot of personal data, take your money elsewhere. There are plenty of bookmakers out there to choose from.

Fantastic Customer Support: There will come a time when you need help, so you need to make sure that the betting site you create an account with has a customer support team that can provide quick and precise answers. To test them, send them a question via live chat (if it is available), and if their reply time and subsequent answer are not to your liking, deposit your money elsewhere. You can also read a review or two to get an idea about the quality of their customer support.

Great Betting Odds: One betting site might not offer their customers the same odds as another betting site, so you should read a couple of odds comparison sites to make sure that you are getting value for your money.

All the sports betting sites below are great for those living in India. Each one provides their customers with competitive odds, fantastic welcome offers and other bonuses, and a wide variety of markets.

  • 1xbet Cricket
  • 10Cric
  • Dafabet India
  • Betway Sports
  • 22Bet
  • LeoVegas
  • Royal Panda
  • Unibet
  • Spin Sports
  • Bodog
  • 888 Sport

What You Need to Know about a Welcome Bonus

The gambling world is an extremely competitive one, which means that bookmakers need to come up with eye-catching offers that attract the attention of potential new customers. This is where the Welcome Bonus comes into play. This is a cash bonus that is given to customers when they create a new account with a bookmaker.

The bonus size is totally dependent on what bookmaker you choose, but many will be happy to match your first deposit. So, for example, if you decide to deposit 2,000 Indian rupees, you will be able to claim a free 2,000 Indian rupees.

However, it is not completely free as certain T&Cs apply. These are called wagering requirements, which mean that you have to stake the bonus money that you got a particular number of times before you can withdraw it from your account. So, let us say that wagering requirements of 5x are in place and you received 2,000 Indian rupees. In this case, you must bet 10,000 Indian rupees before withdrawal is possible.

You probably find these wagering requirements to be really annoying, but they are in place to prevent people from creating an account, collecting the free money, withdrawing it, and leaving.

What Common Free Bets Will You Encounter?

Bookmakers use different types of free bets to ensure that their existing customers stick around. Two free bets that you will come across regularly are a risk-free bet and a qualifying free bet.

The former is a bet where you will not lose any money at all because your stake will be given back to you if you make the wrong prediction. You will be rewarded with these types of free bets if you are a regular customer.

The latter is a bet that you have to qualify for. Qualification is achieved by putting a stake on a particular market. Once you have achieved qualification, you will be given a free in-play bet (often the same value as your original stake).

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